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Permaculture Water Conservation Garden Audit on your property (Open to Gardeners and Hobby Farmers in the Koksilah Watershed)

Six lucky home owners will receive a water conservation audit of their property this August, 2019. From this group of 6, one homeowner will have the chance to transform their property this summer through a one day Water Conservation Permaculture Blitz.

These water conservation audits will be conducted by local permaculturists Jason Greenwood and Sierra Robinson in August. Those householders participating in garden audits will receive a report with specific water conservation recommendations for their property.

One of the gardens selected for an audit will also be chosen for a Permaculture Blitz implementing water conservation solutions. This includes both design support from our permaculture experts and a day of hands-on help from a team of young volunteers to work on a water conservation garden transformation this fall.  The team will bring tools and willing hands. The property owner will cover the hard costs, such as the purchase of trees or shrubs or drip irrigation materials.

Permaculture is an ecological approach to gardening and food production and one of its most exciting aspects is its approach to water. Permaculture designers use landscape design to conserve and store water while building topsoil. Some permaculture projects have been so successful that they even recharge groundwater supplies.

To complete the application please fill out the form below and submit to info@cowichanestuary.ca  Deadline for applications: Midnight July 31st!

For questions, email info@cowichanestuary.ca or call 250.597.2288

To confirm if you are in the Koksilah Watershed

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Application to Enter to Win A Permaculture Water Conservation Garden Audit


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