Open Hours

CLOSED until the end of FEB

Due to Rising Covid-19 cases in the region we’ve decided to remain closed until updated Provincial Health guidelines are issued at the end of February. As a completely volunteer run Nature Centre we take the health and well being of our wonderful volunteers to heart. Meanwhile there are some lovely outdoor walks on trails in Hecate Park and throughout the estuary that you can enjoy. We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy during this time!

Volunteer of the Year Award

We are proud to give our Volunteer of the Year Award for 2020 to Stephen Bishop who we thank for consistently helping us through Covid closures, with school groups and the care and maintenance of our touch tank.  We thank him for building our fantastic display board in the Centre and for bringing in nature themed cards to raise funds for our work. Thanks Stephen, we appreciate you!

About the Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre

Located overlooking the Cowichan Estuary in beautiful Hecate Park at the west end of Cowichan Bay Village, the Nature Centre offers opportunities for visitors of all ages to learn about the estuary, the bay, and the watershed through informative interactive exhibits and fun hands-on activities. Find out more about the Cowichan Estuary, its  watershed and the creatures who call it home here.

School programs and interpretive programs for other groups can be booked at any available time.  We also offer weekly summer science camps, and once the pandemic has lifted we will return to hosting films, special events, and offer facility rentals.

The Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre offers meaningful volunteer opportunities for adults and youth as nature interpreters during Nature Centre open hours for the public, educational program leaders or assistants, citizen science participants at monthly bird counts, hands-on at ecosystem restoration projects, support for maintaining displays and equipment, building maintenance, fundraising and many other volunteers roles needed by all non-profits. 

Please follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter where we’re sharing nature stories and activities. Remember to wash your hands, stay safe and continue to be kind to each other!

Contact the Nature Centre to learn how you can get involved.



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